Scoring In Heaven

Book Cover

Scoring in Heaven is an elegantly presented collection of over 200 astonishing photographs, selected from over 13,000 taken in 677 cemeteries throughout the American South and Southwest. They show grave ornaments like a six-foot Styrof oam Bugs Bunny; a giant concrete basket; dang ling plastic telephones with the epitaph “Jesus called”; empty picture frames, empty chairs, empty cribs, and stopped clocks; and a myriad of other samples of the workings of America’s necropolitan psyche.

The poet Tom Meyer says “These images arc weird, funny, unbelievable, and always, touching. These are not the tombs of the rich and famous, but the graves of everybody else. Not the pharaohs but the folks who actually built the pyramids and paid their taxes. At a time when poignancy counts for so little, this is a remarkable book?’

A unique piece of Americana, the book will be savored by all who have ever experienced the fascin ations of gravestones and cemetery art.