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Movers & Shakers in Georgia

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NOT SO LONG AGO, the word “Georgia” conjured up Visions of antebellum plantations, sharecroppers and “good ol’ boys.” But the reality of today’s Georgia is far richer, more varied and provocative, as shown in this book of marvelously revealing photographs of the people who are responsible for the new excitement and spirit permeating the South in general and Georgia in particular.

Here are the leaders—the movers and shakers—the people involved in politics, the arts, business, education, sports and society, all of whom contribute to making the state vibrant and alive. And because today’s Georgia has moved out from behind the shadow of the magnolia trees into the limelight of national attend on, and has become the symbol of the “New South,” interest in the personalities in this book goes beyond that state’s boundaries. Some of these Georgians are powerful and famous national figures, and quite a few of them are international movers and shakers, while others work quietly behind the scenes; but all are involved in pursuits that vitally affect the lives of the citizens of Georgia and, in some respects, those of the entire nation. The photographs capt ure them at work and at play, at home, at social events and family gatherings, and engaged in their pastimes.

Those who expect to see old Model T’s on blocks, outdoor privies and broken-down washing machines on front porches will be disappointed. These are not what symbolize contemporary Georgia, if they ever did. There’s a new spirit in the air, a vitality, enthusiasm and optimism that are reflected in Lucinda Bunnen’s exciting images. Her magnificent portraits provide a rare and often surprising insight into the varied dynamic personalities who are moving and shaking Georgia today.